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Birthdays are Awesome

Written by Michelle
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Do you ever get down in the dumps when you think about what your child will be missing on their birthday because of their allergies? I used to feel that way but anymore, I really try to just make the best of it. As evidenced by each of my kids' most recent birthday cakes, food allergies don't stop me from making it fun!

For my daughter's 3rd birthday in March, we did a white cake made of Hello Kitty. She absolutely adored it and it was a far cry from the sweet potato/banana mash she got for her first birthday!

For my next daughter's 1st birthday this month, I made her her own white cake and then made everyone else a marbled cake from white cake and chocolate zucchini cake. I had to decorate it with her most favorite thing ever: cows! "Moo" after all was one of her first words.

And for my son's 5th birthday also this month, I made him chocolate zucchini cupcakes with rich chocolate buttercream frosting. I topped that one off with a chocolate coin for his pirate themed party.

Recently a friend made an acquaintance the white cake from my website for a little boy celebrating his fourth birthday who had never had a cake before. His mom cried as he got to eat his first taste of cake. That is so heart-warming. It doesn't have to be that way...I hope you all are adventurous enough to try some new recipes so that your babe can experience a bit of normalcy in the food world.

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  • Comment Link Michelle Tuesday, 17 July 2012 19:22 posted by Michelle

    Did your daughter tolerate cocoa/chocolate through your breastmilk? If so, I might try cocoa. My newest daughter did not even tolerate chocolate through my milk for the first 10 months so I did not even try to give her a chocolate cake. My son did fine with chocolate though so I did give him a chocolate cake and he did fine.

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