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New Baby!

Written by Michelle
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shiloh_2013I have been quite absent on here lately...but for good reason!  In the last six months, we sold our house, moved across town while 8 months pregnant, and had a new baby!

Meet Shiloh.  She was born in September 2013 and is my easiest baby yet.  She is such a sweetheart and has been so easy to bond with since she rarely cries unless she really needs something.  Granted, she sleeps in my bed or in the Moby wrap...but that's by choice.  :-)  (as a side note, Shiloh was born at a birth center and has only woken once/night to eat since the day she was born!)

This baby has been my first baby to not need a huge list of foods I am avoiding.  During the last two weeks of pregnancy I eliminated gluten, dairy, and nuts.  Yep, that's it.  I loved the first three weeks, all the while knowing that the ball could drop at any moment and I would have to eliminate more and more until my list was 20 foods long.  BUT that didn't happen.

All my other babies have been on prevacid practically from birth, but Shiloh has not needed any reflux meds and has not been fussy at all.  Guess what I suspect?  I think GLUTEN could have been the problem all least with my last three babies.  I also think that overall, my higher quality foods have been a major contributor: honey instead of sugar, grass-fed beef instead of grocery store beef, farm pastured eggs instead of grocery store eggs, minimal dyes, etc.

I am so hopefully that Shiloh will continue to be a great baby (she is already 10 weeks!) and I know that my better diet is so worth it.
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