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Raw Milk Trial

Written by Michelle
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So about three weeks ago, I started a raw milk trial for both myself (and 9 month old) and my son.  A friend from a listserve I am on told me about raw milk and directed me where to go to get it.  We drove about 30 minutes to a farm outside of Omaha and got a gallon of this raw milk.  I started with just 4 ounces for each of us on day one.  No throw we went to 8 ounces on day two.  No throw up again.  I had my fingers crossed because Korina should have started reacting if she was going to, I thought.  Back last summer when I tried a soy trial on Ryland it took a full six days of drinking soy milk for him to react, but when he did it was full-force tummy issues.  After a week of no reactions on Ryland I was hopeful.

After about a week and a half, both Ryland and I were drinking about 18 ounces of raw milk each day.  Korina then began to not sleep too well...waking every two hours or so at night and not napping during the day.  It was a fail.  She cannot yet tolerate least in that large of quantities.  I was very excited that she did so well though!

As far as Ryland goes, about two weeks into the trial, he got a rash on his bottom and hands.  It seemed not to bother him at all and he was otherwise doing fine.  I have trouble thinking outside of the food box, so I was only attributing the rash to the milk.  It could be the dry weather or the fabric softener I used on his underwear accidentally.  Regardless, he gained two pounds last month...which I attribute mostly to the milk.  So far, I am considering this a pass.  As long as he is gaining weight, not vomitting, and has a non-irritating rash, we are going to continue giving him the milk.  I'll keep you posted!

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