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Apricot Allergy

Written by Michelle
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So yesterday I had a new experience!  I thought I'd try out a new baby food on Korina so I chose apricots.  Not too long later, she had broken out in hives!  There were red patches all over the back of her neck and some on her legs.  Previously to this, neither of my kids had ever had a systemic reaction to any food.  I thought all we were dealing with was intolerances.

Now that I have seen the whole hives breakout, it makes me a little more cautious of what to feed her next.  Since apricots are related to tree nuts and other pitted fruits, I feel like I have to be extra careful with her.  It also explains why whenever I ate almond butter months ago, she reacted to it.  I am also wondering if we are now more in the realm of food allergies than intolerances.

I don't know much about food allergies other than just pure experience.  I haven't done as much research as many other moms have about food allergies or intolerances and I have been mostly going on a trial and error basis.  Sometimes I worry that the more research I do, the more complicated things will become and the more confused I will be.  So for now, I am just going to keep moving slowly with solids. So far, I know that she does okay with sweet potatoes, pears, and blueberries.  She does not do well with prunes or rice.  Everything else is kind of up in the air.

I am currently off of milk, soy, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, corn (I have only eliminated corn, corn starch, corn syrup, and caramel color), and seeds (sunflower, flax, pumpkin).

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