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First Birthday!

Written by Michelle
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Korina Eating Birthday CakeOur baby turned 1!

For weeks leading up to Korina's first birthday, I stressed about what to do for a birthday cake.  For the average one year old, you just go to the bakery and pick up a cake and feed it to them.  For the food intolerant kiddo, things just aren't that easy.  

Korina fails many of the solids she eats and we weren't even close to introducing wheat.  She had only passed a few fruits and vegetables and had failed rice, one of the less allergenic grains.  There was no way I was going to stick a wheat cake in front of her.

Korina Eating Birthday CakeSo while I pondered what to do for a cake, I kind of stumbled upon an idea.  I had made a side dish called Whipped Sweet Potato and Bananas and I realized that with some modifications, this would make the perfect cake.

I mashed some sweet potatoes and roasted banana and put it into a ramekin overnight.  The next day, I popped it out and frosted it with homemade buttercream frosting.  I know most kids only eat the frosting but it felt so much safer knowing that if she did dig into the cake, it would be safe for her to eat.

Korina Eating Birthday CakeI hope that for those of you with food intolerant babies, you can rest assured that your baby will still get to eat a special birthday just may not look like what you're used to.

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