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Third Birthday

Written by Michelle
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Cars Birthday CakeWe recently celebrated our son's third birthday!  I cannot believe he is 3 years old and that I have unintentionally been in the world of food intolerances for just as long.  

When Ryland was just a few weeks old, I complained to my pediatrician that my son was not sleeping and was always fussy and spitting up.  She told me that he is a baby and babies don't sleep much and he will outgrow it.  She gave us some medicine for reflux.  At one month, she suggested I cut out dairy.  At each subsequent visit to the doctor, I said "he still isn't sleeping and he is still fussy."  Maybe she thought I had new mommy syndrome and was overreacting.  Finally, I demanded to see the GI because something was definitely wrong.

At seven months old, I took Ryland in to GI to see what was up.  They then suggested he could have MSPI (milk soy protein intolerance) and that I needed to cut out a whole list of ingredients.  Little did I know, I was not fully avoiding dairy and I certainly was not avoiding soy.  The doctor suggested that most babies outgrow their intolerances by 1 year.  The countdown was on!

It has been two and a half years since that visit and we are still living with food intolerances.  While we are very lucky that MSPI is all that he has, it amazes me that he is still so intolerant.

After an unsuccessful soy trial last summer, we went on Neocate Junior for awhile.  He hated it!  We decided about 6 months ago to try raw cow's milk and it went great!  He was able to handle the raw milk just fine and quickly put on 6 pounds which was huge for us.

In just the last couple of weeks, we have been trialing pasteurized dairy in the form of icecream and cheese and so far so good!  Ryland is tolerating all of the dairy just fine.  It is amazing to be able to feed him some fattening dairy-laden products.  To be honest, I don't know (or care) if he tolerates soy.

I thought I'd put some pictures of his fun birthday cake up to show that birthdays with MSPI can still be fun!  I used my recipes for wacky cake and chocolate buttercream frosting.  Click to see them larger.

If you're dealing with intolerances past 1 year of age, my heart goes out to you...hang in there.  Eventually these little ones do get better and you can enjoy a bowl of icecream with yours as well.rylands3rdbday2

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