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Making Room for Baby

Written by Michelle
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We are having a baby in just two weeks!  It is exciting and also a difficult transition to get back into "the diet".  I started the diet about 2 weeks ago and have already made several mistakes.  In just 6 months or so, I got used to not reading labels that carefully and just putting whatever I wanted to into my mouth.  It has been a bit of a sad time to eliminate so many things from my diet especially when going to get togethers and such.

HOWEVER, I am super excited about the things I did to get ready for this baby.  I had a marathon cooking day where I cooked several things to help me when the baby arrives.  I didn't want to make a bunch of full meals, knowing that there is a chance that this baby has even more allergies and intolerances and that I wouldn't be able to eat the meals.  Instead, I did a lot of prep work.  I made 8 lbs. of pizza dough, browned 8 lbs. of ground turkey and elk, made 10 lbs. of potatoes, 8 lbs. of yams, 4 lbs. of meatballs, and 6 batches of rice.

I also made several desserts and sweet breads that I thought would freeze well so that I would have plenty for breakfast and to snack on in the weeks to come.  I made chocolate banana bread, banana bread, coffee chocolate chip banana bread, double chocolate zucchini bread, and cinnamon zucchini bread.  For my sweet tooth, I made neiman marcus cookies, milano cookies, no bake cookies, thumbprint cookies, vanilla bean icecream, and banana sorbet.  I won't have to do much baking in the first two months of the baby's life which will be great since it will be summer time! 

There are so many things to anticipate with this baby: when it will come; if it will be a boy or a girl; if it will be blonde, brunette, or red-headed; if it will have food allergies; etc.  Needless to say, you may need to use past recipes of mine because there probably won't be a whole lot of updating come June.
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