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Maximize Your Search

Written by Michelle
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Intolerant Offspring can be a great resource for finding recipes as long as you know how to maximize your search results.  If you are wanting to do something more than just browse, you can make good use of our "Search Recipes by Multiple Allergens" with the following information:

You can search for any combination of keywords, categories, and tags.  

If you have a particular thing you want to make such as "cookies", you can type that in the keyword and then check all the allergens you are avoiding.  Or maybe you want to make something more specific like "sweet and sour chicken".  Just type that in the keyword and then check all the allergens you are avoiding.

You can also search by an ingredient you want to use.  Let's say I want to make a main dish that contains spinach but that does not contain eggs, fish, milk, peanuts, shellfish, soy, or treenuts.  I can type "spinach" into the keyword, check main dish, and then check all the allergens except "wheat-free".  When I search, I come up with two pages worth of ingredients.

Or let's say I am cooking a full meal.  I want to make a main dish, side, and dessert that is free of the top 8 allergens.  I can just check "main dish", "side dishes", and "desserts and snacks" as well as all the allergens.  Everything that meets that criteria will come up.  (And as of today, there are 34 pages worth!)

Happy searching!

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