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family_2013We began our journey in June 2007 with the birth of our first son, Ryland. I was ecstatic to have a new baby and was determined to nurse. The first few weeks I ran on adrenaline but soon noticed that Ryland did not sleep much and was fairly fussy much of the time. Our pediatrician recommended I eliminate dairy out of my diet, which I did to the extent that I knew what "dairy" was. After six months of sleepless nights (and days), I could not handle it anymore. We saw a specialist who told us we needed to eliminate soy as well. Thus began my MSPI (milk-soy protein intolerance) journey.

We were given the dairy and soy ingredient list. I could not believe how many food items dairy and soy were in! I felt terrible knowing what I had subjected my new baby to for the previous six months. I eliminated all of the dairy and soy from my diet and began a new way of cooking. When my son was 9 months old, I began supplementing his 14 pound body with formula. At 11 months old, he was weaned completely.

Most children grow out of intolerances by one year of age. My hopes were dashed when that first birthday came and went and Ryland was still intolerant of dairy and soy. At two and a half, Ryland was able to move to raw cow's milk. He is now able to tolerate all foods but we still give him raw milk for the health benefits.

I found out I was expecting baby #2 in June 2008 (yes, right after weaning Ryland). This time around I was armed with knowledge and hopeful. At seven months pregnant, I eliminated dairy and soy from my diet at the recommendation of more experienced moms. Now, they recommended third trimester, but I had to get one good Thanksgiving and Christmas season in before giving it all up yet again!

Korina was born in March 2009 and was like an angel baby. She slept, ate, slept, and ate. I was so glad I had started the MSPI diet before having her! Around one month old, however, things changed. Mucusy green stools, back-arching, sleeplessness. I knew I was not eating anything I shouldn't so I began the search for additional allergies (and a new pediatrician). Eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, coconut, corn, pitted fruits, and seeds followed. At 16 months, we started weaning her to raw cow's milk. I finished nursing her at 21 months.

Violet was born in June 2011 and was quite a good baby. She slept fairly well, eats well, and is mostly happy. I had to eliminate milk, soy, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, coconut, limited corn, pitted fruits, seeds, citrus, and chocolate. I also eliminated gluten in July 2012 from both Violet and Korina's diets and they have done awesome on a gluten-free diet. Korina, in particular, became a different kid!

Shiloh was born in September 2013 and is the easiest baby yet. I eliminated gluten, dairy, and nuts from the beginning and so far so good!

It is so hard to find recipes that don't contain the multitude of allergies we are dealing with, so we thought we would start our own website to get all of those recipes in one place. Trial and error has led us to several recipes that we want to share with everyone else dealing with food allergies. Our hope is that other parents dealing with food intolerances or allergies can easily find recipes that match their dietary restrictions.

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