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I am not a doctor, nurse, dietician, or medical professional.  These recipes are just a collection I have put together as a mom trying to feed two highly intolerant children.  If you have any questions about ingredients used or how something is labeled, contact your health care professional.

This website is designed so that you can search for recipes excluding multiple allergens.  I have the top eight allergenic foods: milk, soy, egg, peanut, tree nut, wheat, fish, and shellfish.  While there are many other foods that are also highly allergenic such as gluten, I have only chosen those that I can safely label.  I do not feel I know enough about gluten to correctly label as gluten-free, as I have not dealt with it thus far.  A few more tidbits about these recipes:

Flour - Use all purpose or whole wheat, whatever your preference; if you have an allergy to wheat, make a flour substitute for these
“Soy” Sauce - This is a soy sauce substitute that allows me to make Asian dishes; if you do not have a soy allergy, use regular soy sauce if you desire
Rice Milk - You can use whatever milk you so choose
Egg Replacements - If you are able to eat eggs, you can use eggs; On these, I only list those that I know will work for the particular recipe

A note about Wheat-Free:
I have not dealt with wheat intolerance, so I am doing my best to determine if an item is wheat-free.  If you notice something incorrectly labeled, do not hesitate to contact me.

Favorite Products:
If in a particular recipe, I call for a pre-made item such as Worcestershire sauce and you are not sure which kind is best to buy, check out my favorite products section which will help guide your purchasing.  It is never fun to pick up 17 kinds of barbeque sauce at the grocery store trying to find out which one does not have caramel coloring!

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