Our Story

Our journey began over a decade ago with the birth of our first child in June of 2007. I was ecstatic to have a new baby and was determined to nurse. The first few weeks I ran on adrenaline but soon noticed that our baby did not sleep much and was fairly fussy much of the time. Our pediatrician recommended I eliminate dairy out of my diet, which I did to the extent that I knew what "dairy" was. After six months of sleepless nights (and days), I could not handle it anymore. We saw a specialist who told us we needed to eliminate soy as well. Thus began my MSPI journey.

When we first found out about MSPI, it was a fairly new diagnosis that not a lot of people knew about. The food labeling was far inferior to what it is now and I spent many, many hours in the grocery store reading through thousands of ingredients to make sure I did not consume dairy or soy. In addition, blogging was not a big thing yet, Pinterest didn't exist, and there just weren't very many resources for dairy and soy-free recipes.

Children often grow out of their food intolerances by one year of age but that is not our story. Because I realized that this new way of cooking was going to be a long-term lifestyle for the health of our children, we decided to create a website where people could search for recipes based on the top 8 allergens they were avoiding.

With the addition of four more children into our family, we have had to learn to cook without many additional ingredients during various times of their upbringing. While we have children currently intolerant to gluten, milk, and peanuts, we have also avoided foods such as eggs, tree nuts, coconut, corn, pitted fruits, seeds, citrus, chocolate, and beef!

Our hope is that we can help you think "outside the box" by providing some recipes that are allergy-friendly and that can be easily searched to match your family's dietary restrictions.